Addicted to YouTube

I don’t know about anybody else but when I’m bored (or trying to procrastinate from essay writing to be more precise), YouTube is my perfect answer. Like tonight, for example, I’ve sat for roughly the last 2 and a half hours looking for funny videos or watching music videos or in all honesty, any distraction in video form. You can even watch step by step tutorials to do the most pointless things (yeah, I actually do sometimes watch these).

I think everyone has their own favourite videos but here’s some of mine (feel free to comment on them to tell me if you like/dislike them) :

MAFIA BABIES (Brock’s Dub) – Its cute, and funny, what more can you want?!

SCARY CAR COMMERCIAL – the old-school scary car commercial!

SNEEZING PANDA – it’s just so adorable.

FRIDAY – REBECCA BLACK – I’ve got to admit, I have a soft spot for this – how can anybody hate such a ridiculous song/video?

If you like YouTube, you should check out this blog – – it pretty much covers the whole diversity it has to offer.


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