Online games – procrastination at its finest!?

I’ve just been talking to a friend about how they play games online to occupy their time and put off doing their uni work. But I’ve never been the sort to do this. Except maybe when I was 13 and always used to play on this:

Screenshot (14)

Apparently though, I’ve missed out on a major part of my childhood by never playing Habbo Hotel?!

Screenshot (13)

But after talking to my friend, I’m going to give it a go to help me procrastinate even more from doing uni work (even though my deadlines are next week). Any suggestions?



“Writing a blog post on the a commonly used hashtag because #YOLO.”

No, but seriously, #YOLO (you only live once for those people who are either old or live in a remote part of the world where there is no internet), is probably one of my favourite things about the internet.

Do you find it funny?


images (2)

Online TV…

I’m a student, but I’m a lucky student who still lives at home where my parents pay for my TV licence – that’s not to say I don’t make use of online catch up TV – if I didn’t, I would spend my nights bored stiff.

I’m also lucky in the sense that my brother lets me use his Netflix subscription. I don’t know if id necessarily pay for Netflix myself – I’m not totally bought on the idea, or the idea of LoveFilm (not that I’ve ever gave it a try), but for me there’s only a limited amount of things that appeal to me on it – I think the deal breaker was when I realised it didn’t have The OC on it.

BUT – I’m 100% sold on the idea of BBC iplayer and all the others like that. I think having these catch up things online is the best thing to happen since sliced bread. Thanks to the genius invention I don’t have to cry over the episodes of Masterchef I’ve missed.

What are your views?

Mad internet crazes continued – GOAT version

Following on from my last post about milking, it made me remember another fad which was all over the internet a couple of month ago, which hilariously, but tragically ruined some of my favourite songs.

I don’t think the share button on Facebook has ever been used as much. I couldn’t be on any form of social networking sites without seeing a video somewhere at the top of my feed.

Even though I did find it funny, I’m glad this fad is over and done with – I don’t think I can handle hearing another goat screech in the rest of my lifetime.

Mad internet crazes…

Have you all seen the craze ‘milking’?!
Well here’s a YouTube video showing you what it is:

It’s yet another internet craze which you can find all over the internet – just like planking. Started off buy a bunch of boys at Newcastle Uni – they go by a 4 pint of milk or whatever, stand in a random public place and pour it all over them. Pointless, ridiculous but quite funny.

The things you can ‘stumbleupon’ on the internet…

There are an endless array of sites on the internet – literally about anything and everything. But I got told about this website off my friend called ‘Stumbleupon’- you narrow a search engine down to any particular topic or topics and press the ‘stumble’ button and it generates random websites to meet the criteria. Sound dull? Well that’s probably the way I’m describing it, but in all honesty its a good way to become an even better procrastinator – trust me!

To test it out I choose the categories ‘bizarre’ and ‘humorous’ – flicked through and found this page of ‘Nerdy Days Out’:

Screenshot (3)

I also found a page wish was a list of ways to annoy people:

Screenshot (2)

And by far the best page to help my procrastination was most definitely a site which tells you to draw a storyboard and gives you a narrative to follow… kept me from doing any essay writing for about 15 minutes:

Screenshot (7)

Don’t know if ill ever get any work done with the infinite amount of sites on the internet I can flick through. HELP!

Addicted to YouTube

I don’t know about anybody else but when I’m bored (or trying to procrastinate from essay writing to be more precise), YouTube is my perfect answer. Like tonight, for example, I’ve sat for roughly the last 2 and a half hours looking for funny videos or watching music videos or in all honesty, any distraction in video form. You can even watch step by step tutorials to do the most pointless things (yeah, I actually do sometimes watch these).

I think everyone has their own favourite videos but here’s some of mine (feel free to comment on them to tell me if you like/dislike them) :

MAFIA BABIES (Brock’s Dub) – Its cute, and funny, what more can you want?!

SCARY CAR COMMERCIAL – the old-school scary car commercial!

SNEEZING PANDA – it’s just so adorable.

FRIDAY – REBECCA BLACK – I’ve got to admit, I have a soft spot for this – how can anybody hate such a ridiculous song/video?

If you like YouTube, you should check out this blog – – it pretty much covers the whole diversity it has to offer.