Relying on the internet

Ok, so its been a little while since I last blogged about my love affair with the internet, but it doesn’t mean I’ve not been using it. It just means I’ve had a busy Easter seeing friends, getting drunk and having fun (and working and other boring things like that). Basically though, I realised I’m like a bit of a needy girlfriend when it comes to using the internet – I’m never off it.

I’m constantly harassing it to find out what’s on at the cinema or to find out what time the bus is due so I can arrange my plans accordingly.  Sometimes I even cry over it – but that’s only when I go on my online banking after a night out and realised how much I spent. I even came close to death when I online diagnosed myself with cancer when in fact it was just a common cold I had. But you get what I’m saying – I’ve pretty much spent the last few weeks relying on the internet. Imagine how much more strenuous my life would be if I had to go to the cinema in plenty time just so I know what time the screening is on. Or if I was hanging around at the bus stop for half an hour, waiting for the bus. Or if I actually had to make the trip to the doctors. IMAGINE. I don’t think I could anymore, not when I could just get my phone out and take 2 minutes to check these things.

Life is so much easier now. I’m pretty sure most of you would agree.



The internet is used for pretty much everything – to provide humour and poke fun at things being one of them. Internet memes have grown in popularity recently and now I see them all over my Facebook timeline and Twitter feed. It seems to me as if there is a meme for everything. I even unintentionally used one in my last post. Some are funny and some aren’t, but there are thousands of them about any single thing you could think about. We seem to live in a meme culture.

There is loads of different types of memes –  here are a variation of ones from

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There is also a meme Facebook page for practically every uni – here are a few of the ones uploads to Sunderland’s (

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(being from Newcastle I especially like this one)

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What do you all think of memes? Like them? Or don’t find them funny at all?


Nearly everyone has an internet profile of some sort – even my Dad has a Facebook site. Social networks have exploded over the past few years and even I admit to jumping on the bandwagon. However, it is becoming increasingly obvious that we are growing into an era where people seemingly care more about how their internet profiles represent them than how they represent themselves in their day to day, active lives.

Internet nerd

But is this going to far? Well I hadn’t thought much of the negatives to having online profiles – until I watched Catfish – The T.V Show. This show totally shocked me. If no body has seen the show its about online relationships where the other person (pretty much always) turns out to be a fake. I’ve attached a clip just to highlight some of the extents people to go to for their fake persona to be believable. It’s crazy.

Video – Catfish: The TV Show | Season 1 | Episode 7 Exclusive – Catfish: The TV Show – Max….

Well anyway, this got me thinking – and I googled it, as I typically do for anything which I want to find out more about and read an article from the Guardian about a Facebook report which said “the company said 8.7% of its 955m global users were not real”.  (

I’m astonished by this figure. Its almost scary – but thinking about it, this just highlights how easy it is now for people to get immersed by the internet and the various sites on it. Please say I’m not the only person who finds this all too alarming?!