The things you can ‘stumbleupon’ on the internet…

There are an endless array of sites on the internet – literally about anything and everything. But I got told about this website off my friend called ‘Stumbleupon’- you narrow a search engine down to any particular topic or topics and press the ‘stumble’ button and it generates random websites to meet the criteria. Sound dull? Well that’s probably the way I’m describing it, but in all honesty its a good way to become an even better procrastinator – trust me!

To test it out I choose the categories ‘bizarre’ and ‘humorous’ – flicked through and found this page of ‘Nerdy Days Out’:

Screenshot (3)

I also found a page wish was a list of ways to annoy people:

Screenshot (2)

And by far the best page to help my procrastination was most definitely a site which tells you to draw a storyboard and gives you a narrative to follow… kept me from doing any essay writing for about 15 minutes:

Screenshot (7)

Don’t know if ill ever get any work done with the infinite amount of sites on the internet I can flick through. HELP!